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If you think the characters are unlikable, that's the point.

This is kind of like the 30-minute dramedy version of the anti-hero story Hollywood has been obsessed with, just with an entire of morally gray characters.

It's the rare yuk-fest where the best moments come in between the sound of the laugh-track.

--), instincts that err on the side of disembodiment, and a dramatic triangle that positions Dracula, our drunken, ex-monster-hunter hero Trevor Belmont, and a church of merciless clergymen in a battle royale for ideological domination, is a fine excuse to watch illustrated swordsmen cut each other's throats and dark magicians disintegrate victims with the flick of the fireball.

It was always an ambitious show, but tedious in pace and execution, leading Netflix to temporarily cancel the big-budget series after two seasons.

Whether you've read the source material or not, Brian Yorkey's adaptation of the YA sensation will ensnare you.

Pavement's Stephen Malkmus wrote the theme song for this Will Arnett show! At this point we should be wary of shows that rely on the struggle for sobriety to add conflict to the plot, since it's often done as a lazy caricature...

but doesn't really make much effort at all to flesh out its characters, dialogue, or conflict, so the sobriety narrative becomes even more stilted. Jean Holloway (Watts) is a Manhattan therapist who gets entangled in her patients' personal lives in ways that are both unethical and extremely boring.

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-- Marvel's inaugural Netflix series delivers R-rated superhero fans exactly what they seem to want: brutality, scenes ripped from comic book splash pages, and minimal thoughtfulness. The costumes and sets are designed with careful attention to detail, but for a show that engages with the minutia in such a thoughtful manner, it's remarkably disengaged with the macro geopolitical shifts that characterize Elizabeth II's long reign as Queen of England. But unless you're in love with historical dramas, you might find it a disappointing and plodding saga, one that, as you'll recall, swiftly and rightfully got the axe.We took the liberty of ranking them all, except for kids shows, foreign series, miniseries, or nonfiction; and all had to be "true" Netflix originals -- not foreign shows branded as Netflix in the US (sorry, No attempt was made in the creation of this sequel series to change the formula of the flagship program of ABC's 1989 TGIF programming block. In the premiere episode, John Stamos breaks the fourth wall to make a Mary-Kate and Ashley joke.In the second season, the family dog eats a corn cob and life lessons ensue.As our critic wrote, that last part will make you forget about Jim Carrey. ) A truly strange concoction from Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig that blends Adult Swim sensibilities with retro anime stylings.As such, it's kind of an homage, kind of a tongue-in-cheek troll job.

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